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Best areas to buy and invest in property in Antigua

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The question of 'the best neighborhood to buy a property in Antigua' does not have a one-size-fits-all answer.

Some of you are buying to live there, while others want to make the best investment possible. Individual preferences and circumstances matter.

That’s why the article below is covering every intent.

At TheLatinvestor, when we write a blog post or when we update our our property pack for Guatemala, we want to bring solutions and cover different aims in a clear and organized way.

Enjoy the read, and please remember that we are not financial or investment experts. This article is for informational purposes only.

To improve the readability and user-friendliness of this article, we will categorize neighborhoods in Antigua into various groups, including budget-friendly options, emerging hotspots, and areas with high rental demand, among others. Consequently, some neighborhoods may appear in multiple categories and be mentioned several times throughout the article.

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buying property in Antigua

How is the real estate market in Antigua?

The real estate market in Antigua is quite fascinating and has its unique allure, especially to foreign investors and homebuyers.

This charming city, known for its rich history, vibrant culture, and stunning natural beauty, offers a blend of experiences that you won't easily find elsewhere.

One of the primary strengths of Antigua is its incredible blend of historic and natural beauty.

The city is renowned for its well-preserved Spanish colonial architecture, cobbled streets, and a plethora of ruins, all set against the backdrop of impressive volcanoes. This unique scenery isn't just visually appealing; it imbues the city with a historical charm that's rare. Imagine living in a home where every window frames a postcard-worthy view – that's Antigua for you.

People are drawn to buy property here for several reasons.

Firstly, there's a significant interest from retirees and expatriates who are enamored by the city's relaxed lifestyle, rich cultural scene, and favorable climate.

The city's international reputation as a UNESCO World Heritage site adds to its allure, attracting those who appreciate living in a place steeped in history.

Additionally, Antigua is becoming increasingly popular among remote workers and digital nomads seeking a picturesque yet comfortable place to live and work.

Foreigners, in particular, are very interested in the Antigua real estate market. This interest is fueled by the city's stable political environment, a growing economy, and the opportunity to invest in a property market that's both dynamic and promising. A key data point supporting this dynamism is the steady annual increase in property values, driven by both local and international demand.

One particularly unique aspect of properties in Antigua is the prevalence of colonial-style homes. These homes, often centuries old, are meticulously maintained and modernized while preserving their original charm and historical significance. Living in one of these homes is like owning a piece of history – a feature that's distinctly specific to Antigua.

Looking into the future, properties in Antigua are expected to gain value due to several factors.

The city's growing reputation as a tourist and expat haven means that demand for housing will likely continue to rise.

Additionally, Antigua's efforts to preserve its cultural heritage and natural environment make it an increasingly attractive destination for sustainable and culturally mindful living.

This, combined with ongoing infrastructure improvements and a growing economy, positions Antigua's real estate market for continued growth.

Top neighborhoods in Antigua to consider for living

Areas in Antigua that are budget-friendly

If you're looking to buy property in Antigua on a budget, there are a few neighborhoods you might want to consider.

Here is a summary table. Below, we will give more details.

Neighborhood Affordability Reasons Property Types Average Price per sqm Resident Demographics Potential for Value Increase Strengths Weaknesses
Piggotts Farther from tourist spots and business areas Mix of older houses and newer constructions Lower than prime locations Locals and some expatriates Could increase with infrastructure investment Quieter, community-oriented atmosphere Lacks some amenities and conveniences
All Saints More inland location Mix of residential homes and apartments Lower compared to coastal areas Popular among locals Linked to developing infrastructure Strong community and local culture Farther from beaches and main attractions
Parham Older settlement, quieter lifestyle Traditional homes and newer constructions Competitive, lower cost Families and older individuals Appeal for authentic, serene experience Rich history, calm environment May lack modern amenities and vibrant nightlife


This area is known for its more affordable property prices, mainly because it's a bit farther from the popular tourist spots and the central business areas.

You can find a mix of older houses and newer constructions, with the average price per square meter being significantly lower than in prime locations. The area has a diverse community, with locals and some expatriates calling it home.

As Antigua's tourism and economy continue to grow, areas like Piggotts could see an increase in property values, especially if there's more investment in local infrastructure.

The strength of Piggotts lies in its quieter, more community-oriented atmosphere, but it might lack some of the amenities and conveniences of more central areas.

All Saints

This neighborhood is considered budget-friendly due to its more inland location.

The property types here vary, with a mix of residential homes and some apartments in All Saints. It's popular among locals, which means you'll get an authentic Antiguan living experience. Prices per square meter are lower compared to coastal areas, making it accessible for those on a tighter budget.

The potential for property value growth in All Saints could be linked to its developing infrastructure and the gradual spread of development from more crowded areas. Its main strength is the strong sense of community and local culture.

However, being further from the beaches and main tourist attractions could be seen as a downside.


Parham's affordability stems from its historical nature and quieter lifestyle, as it's one of the older settlements in Antigua.

The area mostly features traditional homes and some newer constructions. It attracts a mix of residents, including families and older individuals who appreciate the area's historical significance and slower pace of life.

The average property prices in Parham are competitive, offering a lower cost per square meter. The potential for increase in property values might come from those seeking a more authentic and serene Antiguan experience, away from the hustle of tourist hotspots.

Parham's strength is its rich history and calm environment, but it might not appeal as much to those looking for modern amenities or a vibrant nightlife.

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Areas in Antigua that are popular and upscale

When looking to buy property in Antigua, three neighborhoods stand out as upscale and popular choices. These neighborhoods each have their unique character and draw different types of residents.

Neighborhood Average Price/Sqm Resident Profile Strengths Weaknesses
Jolly Harbour High Wealthy individuals, Expats Security, Leisure facilities Isolation, Cost of living
English Harbour High Wealthy locals, Expats, Sailing enthusiasts Social scene, Historical significance Crowded in peak season, Some areas need modernization
Carlisle Bay Very High High-income individuals, International investors Natural beauty, Secluded beaches Remote location, Vulnerability to storms

Jolly Harbour

Jolly Harbour is a high-end area known for its luxury properties, mainly villas and waterfront homes.

It's pricey in Jolly Harbour, with the average price per square meter being quite high due to its exclusive amenities like private beaches and marinas. The area is expected to remain popular, attracting affluent buyers looking for vacation homes or investment properties.

The residents in Jolly Harbour are mostly wealthy individuals and expats. Jolly Harbour's strengths lie in its exceptional security, well-maintained environment, and leisure facilities, including golf courses.

However, its exclusivity can make it feel isolated, and the cost of living is high.

English Harbour

English Harbour is renowned for its historical significance and vibrant yachting scene.

Properties in English Harbour are expensive, often featuring unique architectural styles. It's a hub for the affluent, especially those interested in sailing, with prices reflecting the area's desirability. The average price per square meter in English Harbour is high.

English Harbour is likely to remain in demand due to its cultural heritage and annual events like Antigua Sailing Week. The neighborhood is populated by a mix of wealthy locals, expats, and sailing enthusiasts.

Its strengths include a lively social scene and rich history, but it can get crowded during peak seasons, and some areas need modernization.

Carlisle Bay

Carlisle Bay is a luxurious area known for its high-end resorts and private villas.

The properties in Carlisle Bay are among the most expensive in Antigua, with a high average price per square meter. This exclusivity is expected to sustain its appeal. The area attracts wealthy tourists and property investors.

The residents are a mix of high-income individuals and international property owners. Carlisle Bay's strengths are its stunning natural beauty, secluded beaches, and upscale amenities.

However, its remote location can be a drawback for those seeking more urban conveniences, and it is vulnerable to tropical storms.

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real estate market Antigua

Areas in Antigua that emerge as new hotspots

Let's explore these emerging neighborhoods in Antigua that, according to our local partners and our customers, are getting quite a bit of buzz lately.

Neighborhood Current Price Trend Resident Profile Strengths Weaknesses
Falmouth Rising Younger buyers, Professionals Community feel, Growing amenities Lacks upscale facilities
Five Islands Village Lower, Rising Local homeowners, Adventurous expats Natural beauty, Peaceful Relative underdevelopment
Liberta Village Moderate, Rising Middle-income families, Culturally inclined expats Community, Cultural richness Developing amenities, Infrastructure


Falmouth has been transforming from a quiet residential area to a sought-after spot, especially among younger buyers and professionals.

Initially more modest, the area has seen recent developments in modern housing and local amenities. It's becoming trendy due to its blend of authentic Antiguan culture and modern living.

Prices in Falmouth are lower compared to more established areas but are expected to rise as its popularity grows. The neighborhood attracts a diverse group of residents, including local families and expats.

Falmouth's strengths are its community feel and growing range of amenities, but it still lacks some of the upscale facilities found in pricier areas.

Five Islands Village

Originally a lesser-known area, Five Islands Village is gaining attention for its unspoiled beaches and potential for development.

It offers a quieter, more affordable alternative to more bustling neighborhoods. The prices in Five Islands Village are lower, but with increased interest, they are set to rise.

It's popular among those seeking a blend of tranquility and investment opportunities. The resident profile is diverse, including local homeowners and adventurous expats. The area's strengths are its natural beauty and peaceful environment.

However, its relative underdevelopment can be seen as a weakness, though it also offers room for growth.

Liberta Village

Liberta Village, once a traditional community, is now emerging as a hotspot due to its rich cultural heritage and improved infrastructure.

It offers more affordable housing options compared to upscale neighborhoods, attracting a mix of middle-income families and culturally inclined expats. The area is appreciated for its authentic local lifestyle and scenic views.

Prices in Liberta Village are currently moderate but expected to increase as the area gains popularity. Its strengths include a strong sense of community and cultural richness.

However, it's still developing in terms of modern amenities and infrastructure.

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buying property in Antigua

Top neighborhoods in Antigua to invest in property

Areas in Antigua with a strong rental demand

If you're considering buying real estate in Antigua for renting it out, these neighborhoods with high demand for rentals should be considered.

Neighborhood Type of Tenants Property Type Average Rental Income Rental Yield Weaknesses
English Harbour Affluent, Yachting Community Luxury Villas, Apartments $3,000 - $5,000/month 5-7% Seasonal Demand, High Maintenance
Jolly Harbour Tourists, Long-Term Residents Condos, Villas $1,500 - $2,500/month 4-6% High Competition, Location Dependent
St. John's Professionals, Expats, Students Apartments, Townhouses $800 - $1,200/month 3-5% Urban Challenges, Less Scenic

English Harbour

English Harbour is a prime area for rental demand due to its vibrant marina and yachting community.

Tenants in English Harbour are often affluent, seeking luxury villas or modern apartments with ocean views. The typical rental income for a high-end 3-bedroom villa can range from $3,000 to $5,000 per month in English Harbour, offering a rental yield of around 5-7%.

Properties close to the marina or with amenities like pools and spacious outdoor areas are particularly desirable.

However, the market can be seasonal, with demand peaking during yachting events. The risk of vacancy is higher off-season, and maintenance costs for luxury properties can be significant.

Jolly Harbour

Jolly Harbour is popular for its beachfront homes and active community life, attracting a mix of tourists and long-term residents.

Rental properties in Jolly Harbour are varied, from condos to large villas. A standard 2-bedroom condo can fetch about $1,500 to $2,500 monthly, with a yield of approximately 4-6%.

Proximity to the beach and amenities like golf courses enhances rental appeal. Investing in well-maintained properties or those with unique features can reduce vacancy rates.

However, competition is high, and properties away from the beach may have lower rental demand.

St. John's

St. John's, being the capital city, attracts a diverse tenant base, including professionals, expatriates, and students.

Apartments and townhouses are in demand in St. John's, with a modest 2-bedroom apartment potentially earning $800 to $1,200 per month, translating to a yield of 3-5%.

Properties near commercial areas or educational institutions have a consistent rental market.

However, the urban environment means less scenic appeal, and some areas may have issues with traffic and noise.

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invest real estate in Antigua

Areas in Antigua where property prices might increase in the future

In these areas in in Antigua you can still find properties at a reasonable price, with room for appreciation as the neighborhoods develop.

Neighborhood Visitor Type Property Type Average Nightly Rate Tips for Higher Income
English Harbour Luxury Seekers, Yachters Premium Villas $350 - $700/night Unique Design, Exclusive Experiences
Dickenson Bay Vacationers, Beach Lovers Beachfront Apartments $200 - $400/night Proximity to Beach, Family Amenities
Falmouth Eco-Tourists, Serenity Seekers Rustic Cottages, Bungalows $150 - $300/night Eco-Friendly, Unique Experiences

English Harbour

For short-term rentals, English Harbour is a hotspot due to its lively marina and cultural events.

Visitors in English Harbour often look for luxury accommodations with amenities like private pools and yacht access.

The average nightly rate for a premium villa in English Harbour can be $350-$700. Properties with unique architectural designs or those offering exclusive experiences have higher occupancy rates.

However, off-season demand drops significantly, and the luxury market requires constant upkeep.

Dickenson Bay

Dickenson Bay is favored for its beautiful beaches and resort-like atmosphere.

Short-term tenants in Dickenson Bay are mostly vacationers seeking beachfront properties or resorts with multiple amenities. A beachfront apartment in Dickenson Bay can average $200-$400 per night.

Properties offering water sports, proximity to restaurants, and family-friendly facilities tend to attract more guests.

However, the area can be crowded, and properties further from the beach see less demand.


Falmouth, known for its natural beauty and quieter setting, attracts eco-tourists and those seeking a serene getaway.

Cottages and bungalows with a rustic charm are popular in Falmouth, averaging $150-$300 per night.

Eco-friendly properties or those offering unique experiences like farm stays can demand higher rates.

However, the area is less developed, which might not appeal to all tourists, and transportation accessibility can be a concern.

Make sure you understand the real estate market in Antigua

Don't rush into buying the wrong property in Guatemala. Sit, relax and read our guide to avoid costly mistakes and make the best investment possible.

real estate market Antigua