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Best areas to buy and invest in property in Puerto Plata

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The question of 'the best neighborhood to buy a property in Puerto Plata' does not have a one-size-fits-all answer.

Some of you are buying to live there, while others want to make the best investment possible. Individual preferences and circumstances matter.

That’s why the article below is covering every intent.

At TheLatinvestor, when we write a blog post or when we update our our property pack for the Dominican Republic, we want to bring solutions and cover different aims in a clear and organized way.

Enjoy the read, and please remember that we are not financial or investment experts. This article is for informational purposes only.

To improve the readability and user-friendliness of this article, we will categorize neighborhoods in Puerto Plata into various groups, including budget-friendly options, emerging hotspots, and areas with high rental demand, among others. Consequently, some neighborhoods may appear in multiple categories and be mentioned several times throughout the article.

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buying property in Puerto Plata

How is the real estate market in Puerto Plata?

The real estate market in Puerto Plata, a vibrant city in the Dominican Republic, is currently experiencing a dynamic and flourishing phase.

This growth is largely driven by the unique attributes of the city that attract a diverse range of buyers, including a significant number of foreigners.

One of the primary strengths of Puerto Plata lies in its exclusive offerings that are hard to find elsewhere. The city is renowned for its beautiful beaches, like Playa Dorada, and historical sites such as the San Felipe Fortress.

But what truly sets Puerto Plata apart is its perfect blend of natural beauty and cultural richness. The Isabel de Torres Mountain, with its lush botanical gardens and the iconic Christ statue, offers a panoramic view of the city that is both rare and mesmerizing.

These unique features attract a diverse demographic of buyers. Primarily, the market sees interest from retirees looking for a serene place to enjoy their golden years, and investors drawn to the city's booming tourism sector.

Moreover, the expat community is growing, fueled by foreigners who are captivated by the city's lifestyle, climate, and the welcoming nature of the locals.

The real estate market in Puerto Plata is not just active but very dynamic. For instance, the increase in property values over the past few years has been notable.

A specific data point that illustrates this is the rise in median property prices by approximately 5-10% annually in recent years, signaling a healthy and growing market.

A unique aspect of properties in Puerto Plata is their architectural blend, which often incorporates both traditional Dominican and modern styles. This fusion creates homes that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also culturally rich and distinct to the city.

Looking into the future, several factors indicate that properties in Puerto Plata will continue to gain value.

The ongoing development of tourism infrastructure, such as the enhancement of the Amber Cove Cruise Ship Terminal, is expected to bring an influx of visitors, thereby increasing demand for local real estate.

Additionally, the Dominican government's supportive policies for foreign investors and retirees make Puerto Plata an even more attractive destination for property investment.

Top neighborhoods in Puerto Plata to consider for living

Areas in Puerto Plata that are budget-friendly

If you're looking to buy property in Puerto Plata on a budget, there are a few neighborhoods you might want to consider.

Here is a summary table. Below, we will give more details.

Neighborhood Average Price per sqm Property Types Potential for Value Increase Resident Demographic Strengths Weaknesses
Los Charamicos Low Older homes, small apartments Medium Mix of locals and foreigners Community, culture Less modern amenities
Padre Granero Attractive Modest homes, smaller apartments High Diverse, locals and expats Peaceful, growth potential Limited high-end amenities
El Javillar Very Low Small to medium homes, new apartments High Native Dominicans, expatriates Authentic culture, low cost Fewer modern facilities

Los Charamicos

This area is known for its affordability primarily due to its older infrastructure and less tourist-centric location.

Properties in Los Charamicos are mostly older homes and small apartment buildings. The average price per square meter in Los Charamicos is relatively low compared to more developed areas, making it a great choice for budget-conscious buyers.

In the coming years, property values might rise due to gradual urban development and improved infrastructure. The residents are a mix of long-term locals and some foreigners.

Strengths include a strong sense of community and local culture, while weaknesses involve less modern amenities and infrastructure compared to more upscale areas.

Padre Granero

Padre Granero offers affordable housing options, mainly because it's a bit removed from the main tourist attractions.

You'll find a variety of properties, including modest homes and smaller apartment complexes. The average price per square meter in Padre Granero is attractive for those looking for a budget-friendly investment.

The potential for property value increase lies in the neighborhood's developing infrastructure and its proximity to central Puerto Plata. The community is diverse, with a mix of local families and expatriates.

The neighborhood's strengths are its peaceful environment and potential for growth, while its drawbacks include limited access to high-end amenities and services.

El Javillar

This neighborhood is budget-friendly due to its more localized and less developed nature.

Property types mainly include small to medium-sized homes and some new apartment constructions. The average price per square meter in El Javillar is among the lowest in Puerto Plata, appealing to budget buyers.

Future value increases are likely as the area slowly modernizes and attracts more investment. The demographic is a blend of native Dominicans and a growing number of expatriates.

El Javillar's strengths lie in its authentic Dominican culture and low cost of living, while weaknesses include fewer modern facilities and a slower pace of development.

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Areas in Puerto Plata that are popular and upscale

When looking to buy property in Puerto Plata, three neighborhoods stand out as upscale and popular choices. These neighborhoods each have their unique character and draw different types of residents.

Neighborhood Average Price/Sqm Property Type Resident Demographics Strengths Weaknesses Future Outlook
Costambar High Villas, Upscale Apartments Affluent, Investors Beachfront, Exclusivity High Cost of Living Potentially Diminishing
Cofresi High Luxury Villas, Condos Wealthy, Expatriates Resort-like, Beachfront Cost, Seasonal Crowding Stably Popular
Playa Dorada High Villas, Apartments Upper Class, Tourists Golf Course, Amenities Potential Competition Remains Attractive


Costambar is a sought-after neighborhood in Puerto Plata, known for its luxury and exclusivity.

This area is expensive due to its prime beachfront properties and high-end amenities, attracting affluent residents and investors. The average price per square meter in Costambar reflects its upscale status. Properties mostly comprise villas and upscale apartments in Costambar, catering to a well-to-do demographic seeking a luxurious lifestyle.

Despite the high costs, Costambar remains popular for its picturesque views and tranquility. However, it might not sustain its hype in the long run as emerging neighborhoods start to attract attention.

Its strengths lie in its beauty and exclusivity, while its weakness is the high cost of living, possibly limiting its appeal to a broader market.


Cofresi, another premier neighborhood, is renowned for its beautiful beaches and upscale resorts.

Property prices in Cofresi are on the higher side, driven by the area's popularity among tourists and the affluent.

The neighborhood predominantly features luxurious villas and high-end condos, with an average price per square meter reflecting its exclusivity. Cofresi's residents are typically wealthy, either local elites or expatriates.

The area is expected to maintain its allure due to its natural beauty and well-developed infrastructure. The main strength of Cofresi is its resort-like feel and stunning beachfront, but the cost of living and the potential for overcrowding during peak tourist seasons could be considered drawbacks.

Playa Dorada

Playa Dorada is famous for its golf course and is a hub for tourists and affluent residents.

This area commands high property prices, mainly due to its well-established reputation and luxurious amenities. The properties in Playa Dorada are a mix of high-end villas and apartments, with the average price per square meter being quite steep.

Playa Dorada is popular among the upper class and tourists seeking a mix of leisure and luxury. It is likely to remain a top choice due to its prestige and the variety of amenities it offers.

Its strengths include the golf course and well-maintained environment, but it could lose some appeal if newer areas offer similar amenities at more competitive prices.

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real estate market Puerto Plata

Areas in Puerto Plata that emerge as new hotspots

Let's explore these emerging neighborhoods in Puerto Plata that, according to our local partners and our customers, are getting quite a bit of buzz lately.

Neighborhood Initial Character Current Evolution Property Prices Resident Demographics Strengths Weaknesses Future Outlook
Los Cerros Quiet, Residential Becoming Dynamic Affordable Young Professionals, Families Serene Environment Infrastructure Challenges Gradual Rise in Prices
Monte Llano Lesser-known Cultural Hub More Affordable Artists, Young Professionals Cultural Richness Balance of Growth Increasing Popularity
El Cupey Rural Developing Affordable, Rising Retirees, Expatriates Natural Beauty, Peaceful Infrastructure, Maintaining Charm Steady Growth

Los Cerros

Los Cerros, initially a quieter area in Puerto Plata, is rapidly gaining popularity due to its serene environment and more affordable property prices.

The neighborhood has evolved from a predominantly residential area to a more dynamic community, attracting younger professionals and families. This trend is due to the development of new amenities and the appeal of a more relaxed lifestyle away from the bustling city center.

Properties in Los Cerros are generally more affordable than in the upscale neighborhoods, offering a mix of modern apartments and traditional homes. The prices in Los Cerros are expected to rise gradually, but Los Cerros should retain its affordability compared to more established areas.

The neighborhood is attractive for its peaceful setting and community feel, but it might face challenges in infrastructure as it continues to grow.

Monte Llano

Monte Llano, once a lesser-known area, is now emerging as a trendy spot due to its cultural vibrancy and evolving urban landscape.

The neighborhood has transformed, attracting artists, young professionals, and small business owners. This shift is fueled by affordable property prices and the area's unique character.

The properties in Monte Llano are diverse, ranging from traditional homes to newer apartments, appealing to a varied demographic. Monte Llano's prices are currently lower than in prime locations but are expected to increase as the neighborhood's popularity grows.

The main draw is its cultural richness and sense of community, though it may face challenges in balancing growth with maintaining its unique identity.

El Cupey

El Cupey is another emerging hotspot in Puerto Plata.

Initially a rural area, it has seen significant development in recent years, making it increasingly attractive to homebuyers seeking tranquility and nature. The evolution of El Cupey is marked by the introduction of new housing developments and local businesses, catering to a growing population.

Property prices in El Cupey are more affordable compared to established neighborhoods, attracting a mix of retirees, expatriates, and locals. The prices in El Cupey are expected to rise steadily as the area becomes more developed.

El Cupey's main strength lies in its natural beauty and peaceful environment, but it may face challenges in terms of infrastructure and maintaining its rural charm as it develops.

Make a profitable investment in Puerto Plata

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buying property in Puerto Plata

Top neighborhoods in Puerto Plata to invest in property

Areas in Puerto Plata with a strong rental demand

If you're considering buying real estate in Puerto Plata for renting it out, these neighborhoods with high demand for rentals should be considered.

Neighborhood Tenant Type Property Type Rental Income Rental Yield Tips Weaknesses
Costambar Tourists, Expatriates Condos, Villas $1,000 - $1,500/month 5% - 8% Near beach, Sea views Off-season, Maintenance
El Pueblito Long-term Expats, Local Professionals Single-family Homes, Duplexes $800 - $1,200/month 6% - 9% Near schools, Local markets Limited short-term appeal
Playa Dorada Short-term Tourists Apartments, Studios $1,200 - $2,000/month 7% - 10% Near resorts, Good amenities Seasonal tourism fluctuation


In Costambar, you'll find a high rental demand primarily due to its proximity to popular beaches and resorts.

Tenants in Costambar are often tourists and expatriates looking for short to medium-term stays. They prefer modern condos or villas with good security, close to the beach and local amenities.

Expect a monthly rental income of around $1,000 to $1,500 for a well-furnished two-bedroom condo. The rental yield in Costambar can range from 5% to 8%. If you're considering investing, focus on properties near the beach or those with sea views.

However, be aware of the off-season, when rental demand can drop, and occasional maintenance issues due to the coastal climate.

El Pueblito

El Pueblito, known for its authentic Dominican vibe, attracts tenants who are long-term expatriates or local professionals.

Properties in high demand in El Pueblito are single-family homes or duplexes with local architectural styles. You can expect a rental income of $800 to $1,200 per month for a three-bedroom house in El Pueblito.

The rental yield in El Pueblito is typically around 6% to 9%. To maximize your rental income, look for properties close to local schools and markets.

One downside is the limited appeal to short-term tourists, which could mean fewer rental opportunities during certain times of the year.

Playa Dorada

This area is a hotspot for short-term vacation rentals.

The typical tenants in Playa Dorada are tourists seeking properties for a few weeks to a month. They prefer modern apartments or studios with amenities like pools, gyms, and close proximity to Playa Dorada Beach.

Rental income in Playa Dorada can range from $1,200 to $2,000 per month for a well-located one-bedroom apartment. The rental yield ranges from 7% to 10%.

For a successful investment, consider properties within or close to resort complexes. The main drawback here is the seasonal nature of tourism, which can lead to fluctuating rental incomes.

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invest real estate in Puerto Plata

Areas in Puerto Plata where property prices might increase in the future

In these areas in in Puerto Plata you can still find properties at a reasonable price, with room for appreciation as the neighborhoods develop.

Neighborhood Tenant Type Property Type Average Price/Night Tips Weaknesses
Playa Dorada Tourists Studios, Apartments $100 - $150 Resort areas, Unique features High competition, Off-season vacancy
Costambar Tourists, Short-term Expats Condos, Small Villas $80 - $120 Near beach, Good facilities Seasonal demand, Maintenance
Cofresi Upscale Tourists Luxury Villas, Upscale Apartments $150 - $250 Private pools, Panoramic views High maintenance, Low-season vacancy

Playa Dorada

Playa Dorada is highly sought after for short-term rentals due to its beautiful beach and resort-like atmosphere.

Visitors in Playa Dorada are mostly tourists looking for properties with luxury amenities like pools, spas, and easy beach access. They prefer modern studios or apartments. The average price per night in Playa Dorada is around $100 to $150.

For better rental income, focus on properties within resort areas or those with unique features like ocean views.

However, the competition is high, and properties might stay vacant during the off-season.


Known for its tranquility and scenic beauty, Costambar attracts tourists and short-term expatriates.

They usually look for fully furnished condos or small villas, with an emphasis on security and proximity to the beach. The average nightly rate in Costambar is $80 to $120.

Properties near the beach or with good community facilities are likely to yield higher rents.

The main challenges in Costambar are the seasonal variations in demand and the need for regular maintenance due to the coastal environment.


Cofresi, with its stunning bay and luxury resorts, is popular for short-term luxury rentals.

The typical clientele includes upscale tourists and visitors interested in high-end experiences. They prefer luxurious villas or upscale apartments with exceptional amenities.

The average nightly rate in Cofresi can be $150 to $250. Investing in properties with unique features like private pools, panoramic views, or exclusive access to resort facilities can be beneficial.

However, high maintenance costs and the risk of lower occupancy during low seasons are potential downsides.

Make sure you understand the real estate market in Puerto Plata

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real estate market Puerto Plata